Kantha Bracelet

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These repurposed textile bracelets are each labeled with a different attribute. Handmade from cotton sari textiles, covering wood bead bases. The bracelets are finished with two brass charms and a tassel.

Measures .75cm wide; stretches to fit most wrists. 

Rainbow: The Unity Bracelet inspires us to trust that together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Blue: This blue tonal bracelet will remind you of soothing calm and quiet stillness. This Serenity Bracelet also brings artisans peace of mind for the future through fair trade.

Pink: This pink bracelet reminds us to have compassion, which nurtures our soul with kindness and empathy. The Compassion Bracelet shows how important it is to partner with those in need. 

Purple: The Wisdom Bracelet embraces the knowledge gained when we engage with each other. 

Red: inspires us to have clarity, optimism, and passion in all we do. The Energy Bracelet empowers artisans to create positive change. The red tonal beads are handmade from cotton sari pieces that cover wood bead bases.

Green: The green bracelet challenges you to aspire to greater levels of fairness and sustainability. The Growth Bracelet reminds us that artisans flourish under nurturing conditions.

Handmade with ♥ by women in India


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