Gala Gloves

Ladies Leather Gloves

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A Classic glove with palm vent for easy insertion. Made from genuine italian leather hand-crafted in naples, the glove making centre of italy.

  • Luxurious feel and rich colour.
  • 100% Leather
  • Do not wash leather gloves. to clean light stains wipe the gloves with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. to care for your gloves, regularly stretch or pull the glove pair into its original shape from the finger tips to the hemline. store in a drawer or enclosed area to protect from dust.
  • Choose either rose (pale pink, Tortora (warm grey) or Fango (Taupe)
  • Available in size 7, 7.5 or 8

Since 1930, the Pellone family have been making gloves the old-fashioned way. The Gala Gloves craftsmen and women carefully and passionately carry out more than 25 specialised processes in the production of a pair of gloves. Gala Gloves are a luxury accessory, an example of prestige and perfection, elegance and refinement.

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