Ortigia Diffuser 200ml

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Natural reeds in a lovely signature bottle. 200ml.

Ortigia's Zagara perfume diffuser takes inspiration from the aromatic citrus scent of the orange groves of Sicily. Zagara scent blends a combination of orange tree flowers, neroli petitgrain and wood to create a juicy, rich fragrance. This gracious gift grants the receiver the lingering, transporting fragrance of orange blossom and fragrant woods. 

Ortigia's Fico d'India perfume diffuser is formulated with the famous Fico d'India cactus, and blended with amazing orange flowers grown wild from the beautiful region of Sicily. The brand's most loved fragrance, Fico d'India combines fig and cedar to create an unexpectedly powdery fragrance, offering a fresh take on the popular fig and capturing the ultimate essence of the idyllic Italian region.


Ortigia is a small Italian soap and scent company founded in Sicily in 2006. The luxurious range of soaps, scents, creams, candles and lotions are formulated using natural products indigenous to Sicily and inspired by the aesthetics, colours and scents of Italy’s most historic and tropical region. The highly decorative packaging is designed by founder, Sue Townsend, and draws on exotic Sicilian images and colours.

The perfumes are distilled from the flowers of Sicily by master perfumer, Lorenzo Villoresi.  The base of all the products is natural perfume and natural ingredients: olive oil, vegetable glycerine, and organic colours. No sls, nickel or silicone; products not tested on animals.  Paraben-free, the range uses traditional products with modern ethics and integrity.


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