The Thai Chef Growbar

The Thai Chef Growbar

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Growbars are easy to grow, exciting seed collections, nestled in fertile coir bars, carefully created and packaged by a small team in the UK.

A plastic-free and thoughtful gift, encourage novice green fingers, inspire experienced gardeners and are a fun family project. Looks like a large bar of chocolate!

Grow a trio of fresh herbs and spices on a windowsill at home with this cleverly designed Thai Chef's grow bar; a carefully selected seed assortment that produces plants to enhance any Thai culinary creation. The seeds are nestled in a neat, fertile coir bar and are ready to grow - just add water! Coir is an eco friendly coconut fibre, and a sustainable alternative to peat.  

Contains three seed types:

Thai Basil - adds a spiced liquorice-like flavour to classic green and red Thai curries.

Lemongrass - has a subtle, sweet lemon flavour and can be used whole or ground into a paste.

Birds Eye Chilli - brings a fruity taste and extreme spiciness to Thai curries and salads.

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