Victorian Flowers Growbar

Victorian Flowers Growbar

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Growbars are easy to grow, exciting seed collections, nestled in fertile coir bars, carefully created and packaged by a small team in the UK.

A plastic-free and thoughtful gift, encourage novice green fingers, inspire experienced gardeners and are a fun family project. Looks like a large bar of chocolate!

Throughout the Victorian period, country-cottage style gardens increased in popularity in reaction against industrialisation. With their beautiful colours and spectacular flowers Candytuft, Larkspur and Canterbury Bells became favourites of the Victorian family garden.

All you’ll need is a small container, some water and a warm, sunny spot on the windowsill. Within 6-8 weeks the seedlings will be ready to plant into the ground or into pots.

Compressed coir bar containing:

Canterbury Bells Seeds

Larkspur Seeds

Candytuft Seeds

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